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Brennan's Odyssey

Brennan’s Odyssey
Mosiah Brennan only wants to be a cowboy but life just hasn’t worked out that way. Follow his journey as he goes from being the cook on an outdated ranch to nursemaid for a dysfunctional urban Texas family transplanted to rural Kansas. Brennan manages to keep to the moral high ground in a difficult situation far from his choosing.

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“I just finished your book. It is as good as I have ever read!!” -- An Iowa farmer

"This character really got into me. I still think about him and wonder what he's doing!" -- A Nebraska ranch wife


Redemption on the High Plains
A Collection of Short Stories
Redemption is a collection of stories about twenty-first century characters living in the wide expanses of the American West. Trying to live right and do their best doesn’t always get them where they want to be.

Burr Combs has hit rock bottom. Feeling they have no choice, his brothers dump him in a cabin hundreds of miles from the environment that has let him fall so low. He can either train the horses they left with him. Or die.

Dr. Bartholomew Stondt is a rude, grumpy, ill-tempered veterinarian in a small Wyoming town. But when he is injured by a pen of bulls, he finds himself looking for answers to a whole new series of questions.

Wyl Davies is a Montana cowboy. Or is he? A ranching accident lands the opinionated rider in the hospital where authorities find that the Social Security number he’s been using all his life was not issued to him but to a murdered man. Wyl’s bank has cut him off. His credit card stops working. He is desperate to find out where he came from.

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Convergent Trails

Convergent Trails
Three cowboys. One running from his family life. One haunted by dreams of combat. One managing life in a wheelchair. One old widow who doesn’t believe in ghosts. But she hears them. One debutante who is over her head trying to run a ranch. Two Navy veterans-turned-drug dealers. One twelve-year-old girl. All of their trails will converge. Not all of them will survive.

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"I just finished your book.  I loved it!!  Thanks for including my poem." -- Red Steagall, Western Singer, Songwriter & Poet